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PL Biegły sądowy z informatyki przy Sądzie Okręgowym w Warszawie.


Adam has been in the IT security field for over a dozen years, both working in IT related positions and extending his knowledge and experience as part of his after-work activities. Currently working as a senior consultant in one of the big four companies, where he is responsible for cyber risk services such as penetration testing, red teaming etc.

During his career he made expert opinions for law enforcement and justice authorities, worked as an ICT security specialist at a CERT-like team where he actively tracked cybercrime activity focusing on preventing attacks on Polish government and critical infrastructure, and moreover, worked as a full time penetration tester for one of the world's largest banking groups, as well as performed penetration tests for other financial institutions (i.a. international banks, credit/debit card issuer) and well known e-commerce companies.

Adam also took part in ENISA (European Network and Information Security Agency) Cyber Europe 2014 exercise (in which over 100 teams from all around Europe participated), where his team scored first place. He co-authored training materials for CERT teams in cooperation with ENISA.

Adam is a frequent speaker at TAPT (international scientific conference on Technical Aspects of ICT Crime) organized by Police Academy in Szczytno (Poland), as well as an IT Expert Witness (court expert) in the field of computer science at the District Court in Warsaw (Poland), with emphasis on computer forensics, forensic analysis on Linux, hacking and cybercrime.

After work Adam is a successful bug hunter, who received acknowledgment and thanks from dozens of institutions and companies all around the world, such as Adobe, Apple, BlackBerry, Deutsche Telekom, Netflix, Nokia, Yahoo, Yandex, as well as the Polish ones - Onet, Interia, Wirtualna Polska, Empik and Home.pl.

He is a member of Malware Must Die association of security professionals, and holds several certificates of practical knowledge in offensive security such as OSCP (Offensive Security Certified Professional), OSWP (Offensive Wireless Security Professional) and eWPT (eLearnSecurity Web application Penetration Tester).

His experience and knowledge grants him an excellent understanding of both the attacking and defending sides of ICT security.

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